Serio river falls

Serio river falls

The Serio waterfalls are formed by the homonymous river a few kilometers after its birth, in the Orobie Alps, in the province of Bergamo.

They are located at about 1,750 m of altitude (head of the waterfall). They are located in the territory of Valbondione, in the upper Val Seriana. They are 315 m high, divided into 3 jumps.

For years the waterfalls have only been visible 5 times a year. 4 Sundays and a Saturday (with night opening).

Here are the detailed information to participate in one of the openings:

The Serio waterfalls are located in the territory of the municipality of Valbondione – Alta Val Seriana, province of Bergamo. In particular, they are visible in the area of ​​large boulders in Maslana – Floro-Faunistic Observatory of Maslana. They are not visible from the inhabited center of Valbondione.

The Serio waterfalls are natural and formed by the normal course of the Serio river which crosses the Val Seriana. Since 1931 with the construction of the Barbellino dam, the normal flow of the river has been interrupted to feed the dam and to produce hydroelectric energy by Enel Energia. Every year the Municipality of Valbondione and Enel Energia agree on the tourist opening dates of the Serio Falls. When you visit the area of ​​the falls not on opening days, you can simply enjoy the landscape and recognize the outlet of the Serio river, but you will not see the falls in full range.

The ticket entitles you to unattended public parking on asphalted and / or unpaved ground. If you have a private parking you don’t need to buy the ticket.

They have to pay parking: Car Camper Coach minibuses.

Parking tickets will be reimbursed IF AND ONLY IF you arrive by 11 am at Rifugio Coca or Rifugio Barbellino. In this case, the appropriate ticket must be requested for the young people of the Youth Association. They will pay 5 € for parking, and once at the refuge, the refugees will take care of refunding the amount. The appropriate ticket for reimbursement has three parts: one part remains for the young people of the youth association, one part is to be displayed in the car and the third part to be delivered to the refuge. The ticket that will be delivered by the children is a payment receipt which must be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard. If it is not exposed, it will incur a fine.

Date di apertura 2024

16/06 11.00-11.30 AM
13/07 10.00-10.30 PM
18/08 11.00-11.30 AM
15/09 11.00-11.30 AM
13/10 11.00-11.30AM 

Come raggiungerle

Path 1

PATH CAI 332: upon reaching the inhabited center of Valbondione, continue to the Frumazione Grumetti; you then take the CAI 332 route signposted for Borgo di Maslana. Crossing the huts, cross the Piccinella bridge, continuing to the left and arriving at the Maslana Floro Faunistic Observatory, located in the Grandi Macigni area. It is not necessary to continue to the Curò Refuge. The waterfalls are visible from the area of ​​the Great Boulders.

PATH 332

Path 2

PATH CAI 305: from Valbondione you take the comfortable mule track signposted with CAI 305 with departure in Via Curò. The route is signposted for Curò Refuge. It is not necessary to continue to the refuge. The waterfalls are visible from the area of ​​the Great Boulders. To reach it, after about 1 hour of walking, on the left there is the detour for Maslana – Maslana Floro-Faunistic Observatory.

PATH 305

Path 3

CAI TRAIL 306: (DAYTIME ONLY) from the hamlet of Lizzola you take the path CAI 306 with destination Baite di Valbona. From here continue on the left following the indications for Maslana, slightly losing altitude, until you get to the area of ​​the Grandi Macigni.

PATH 306

Public car parks are managed entirely by the Young Valbondione Association. The young people of the Youth Association are recognizable by badges and bibs.

In Dossi they will stop the traffic in order to better sort the turnout.

The boys are in no way responsible for fines. They will indicate the parking and collect the ticket money (€ 5 one-off as per municipal ordinance), unless you have already purchased it at this link:

If you need a Parking Ticket valid on the day of the waterfall, you can also find it at the local dealers and at the parking machine at the Sports Palace.

Their indications are to be followed to facilitate operations. The parking lots are indicated on Google maps, each of these has the name of a color, always to facilitate operations. Each color indicates a different area of ​​the village more or less far from the starting point of the path.

In particular: BLUE Pianlivere, YELLOW Via Nuova, GREEN Sports hall, PURPLE Via torre, RED hostel Casa Corti, ORANGE Via Mes, WHITE coach garage, LIGHT BLUE mountain rescue location.

The recommended clothing is sports and mountain. In the mountains it is never really summer, so we recommend a spare, windproof jacket, kway or umbrellas (also for temporary and sudden storms).

Comfortable trousers / skirts. Mountain boots are recommended.


The Serio waterfalls can be reached ONLY BY FOOT along one of the paths highlighted above.

There is no ordinary or extraordinary type of transport for sightseeing. Unfortunately the Serio waterfalls are not accessible to people with physical disabilities that prevent them from climbing by foot. The unpaved mule track is not suitable for use by wheelchairs or other aid devices, if not by jolette.

We apologize for this problem, we are looking some ways to  not exclude anyone.

The path suitable for children, families, the elderly or for people with small difficulties is the CAI 305.

The travel time is 1h30.

N.B. The paths are not accessible with a stroller.

For children we recommend the trekking backpack.

Considering the travel time, traffic and parking operations, it is advisable to be at the town of Valbondione about 2h30 before the start of the show. The walk can be undertaken independently. If necessary, upon reservation, you can be accompanied in a group by the Alpine Guides. The cost is € 7 for those over 11, for children under 11 it is free. In the case of the daytime waterfalls, the meeting is at 8.30 at the Valbondione Tourist Office, in the case of July 18 with Cascata in Notturna, the meeting is at 19.30. Reservations active until the day before: – ​​034644665. Payment on the spot or by bank transfer. The show of the Cascate del Serio has no cost. For a fee, only the parking on public land.