The approach does not appear to be the most relaxing, and particular attention must be paid not to cross the numerous deviations. From Val Seriana, take Valbondione and follow it to the end, reaching the homonymous village. Follow the signs for the cable car. Take the road on the left that goes downhill to the river, where you can leave your car in a small dirt parking lot. From here starts a well-marked path that arrives at the Maslana huts (20 min). Continue by turning right towards another inhabited area.

We reach briefly a source just before an almost always dry torrent (snow in spring). Cross the stream and immediately turn left, skirting the bed of the stream and entering the woods. The path climbs long and hard. After about 45 minutes you reach a clearing subspecies with a hissing high voltage pylon. Immediately after an inscription on a tree, it signals the deviation to the left for the Pinnacle.

You then reach a trellis of the cable car. Immediately after you have to turn left, along a stretch of flat path. In short, you will leave the woods and the view of the Pinnacle will dazzle you. (2 hours from the car) Despite the exposure to the SOUTH, the altitude is 1800 meters. The best time is certainly the summer and the mid seasons. A nice sweater never hurts.

ROCK AND NAILING: Hyper compact granite rock, good bolt nailing. We are NOT on the cliff. 2 50m ropes required.

DIFFICULTY: The difficulties are never extreme. It is difficult to exceed 6b, but given the not very close nailing the grade is required.

The starting point of almost all the streets is the cave at the base of the Pinnacle, where you usually leave your backpack. Access to routes 5 to 9 can be done: – by taking route 3 (recommended); – along the channel on the left of the grotto (not recommended); – continuing along the path to the left of the grotto and reassembling the slope with the help of some fixed ropes. All streets are named after the start. Rappelling down the routes with 2 50m ropes. To find out all the access routes in detail, consult the website of the Pro Maslana Consortium!

The access routes are: The awakening Mocking wind; 20 years of bad luck; Baba Jaga; New Age; The latest shampoo of General Custe

Other sports

Downhill, Enduro and Mountain bike
Volley ball, Basket and Tennis

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