The legend of the Serio waterfalls

There was a cultured noblewoman in love with a local shepherd who, in turn, loved a humble girl from Valbondione. The noblewoman, devoured by jealousy, kidnapped and locked her rival in the castle on the heights of Barbellino. She cried and despaired so much that her tears formed a devastating river, which overwhelmed everything and […]

Excalibur of Curò

Excalibur of Curò Sounds strange doesn’t it? Strange that in a place so far from the legends of wizard Merlin there is a sword in the rock, overlooking one of the most fascinating places in the Orobie. The exalibur of the Orobie is located on the banks of the Barbellino artificial lake: the dam that, […]

The 1st opening of the Serio waterfalls was canceled

Dear, Due to the pandemic from Covid-19, as a precaution and in compliance with governmental and regional provisions, we have decided to cancel the opening of the Serio Falls on 21 June. In the hope that the health situation improves and that therefore there is the guarantee of being able to re-propose the spectacle of […]